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America’s agriculture exports depend on a reliable and efficient transportation network on our inland rivers and waterways. Tell Congress that America’s family farmers are vital to our balance of trade. 


Tell Congress to support for funding the Navigation-Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP) for the Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway (UMR-IWW). 

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America’s economy relies on an efficient transportation supply chain – and our inland rivers and waterways provide that. Barges are the lowest-cost, most fuel-efficient, safest surface mode, moving more tonnage at the lowest carbon footprint. 


Congress can act to improve the reliability of America's lock and dam infrastructure. Do your part and stand up for river transportation.

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America’s inland waterways move about 60% of our nation’s harvest to export throughout the world.  Our nation’s lock and dam infrastructure also helps move inputs like fertilizer that America’s farmers depend on to keep feeding the world.

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Surprise: Lock & dam infrastructure doesn't get a lot of attention in D.C. You can help change that. Tell Congress that your job, and the more than half a million jobs supported by inland river transportation, need maintained and improved lock and dam...

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America’s energy independence depends on a reliable inland river transportation network – and locks and dams that can handle the future.


Barges move about 60% of our nation's agriculture exports on our rivers, but 80% of locks have outlived their design life. Tell Congress our river locks keep America's farmers competitive

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Hundreds of millions of man-hours are ready to be created through construction and rehabilitation of our lock and dam infrastructure. Tell Congress to act!

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Conservation and recreation advocates – stand up for the Navigation-Ecosystem Sustainability Program for the Mississippi River.

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